Would you like 6 figures in extra revenue?

If I said to you: "If you give me £5000, I will give you £100,000 - deal or no deal?" - would you take it? 

You pay me £5000 and I will give you £100,000. Yes or no?

Recently I've been working with a client, and this is exactly what has happened. 

My client is an entrepreneur. At the time we started working together her business was doing reasonably well, but nowhere near as well as she knew it could be.


Because she was really struggling with low confidence. Struggling to the point that she avoided taking calls from potential clients. 

How do you think THAT affected her revenue?!

She was desperate to get over this confidence issue but she didn't have a clue how. She just didn't know how to change. When I asked her what her objectives for the coaching were, she said she wanted to overcome her low confidence so that she could take sales calls with ease. I also asked her what the cherry on the top would be. She said: "land 6 figures in extra revenue".

After 3 sessions together she'd already seen a 2000% return on investment, and by the end she had SMASHED her 'cherry on the top' goals!

How did I help her do that?

By changing her mind. 

By changing the way she thought about herself. 

By changing what she believed. 

By changing the way she was being. 


Your way of being, in other words, the way you behave, both consciously and subconsciously, is all determined by what you believe and what you interpret about yourself and the world around you. 

My client believed she wasn't good enough, and she behaved accordingly. 

The coaching helped her to shift her beliefs so much that she started taking those phone calls. Then she started pitching to bigger, dream clients. And now, what used to be a typical yearly salary for her, is now her monthly revenue (her exact words). 

All because she was willing to invest in something she'd never done before - after all, you can't keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

And above all, she was willing to invest in herself. She was willing to invest into her own personal growth and mindset.

Time and time again I hear people say about coaching 'oh I would like to but I just can't afford it'. 

Well, if I said to you, "Give me £5000 and I will give you £100,000", would you STILL say "Sorry, I can't afford to?"

Aimee TeesdaleComment