For those afraid to make a change or take a risk: read this.

It’s Thursday. Day 4 of a week-long course I’ve been attending. If I successfully complete the course, it will mean I get offered freelance work as a corporate trainer, which is a position I applied for back when I quit my part-time job a year ago (sadly it’s just taken a very long time to get through the recruitment process – *rolls eyes*).
The work was meant to be my ‘safety net’ as I grew my own coaching business, and it would offer me a source of income for in case things didn’t always go so well. And I won’t lie, it HAS been financially worrisome at times as I’ve grown the business, as anyone who moves from salary into self-employment can probably tell you!
So for a whole year I’ve been really eager to get started with the company. I even missed out on an expenses-paid holiday to the Canary Islands just to be able to attend! Over the last 2 weeks I’ve forced myself to do a load of revision despite finding it rather boring (and had to give up time growing my own business)… just so that I could achieve my goal. I was SO determined to get this work.
Until Tuesday. Day 2 of the course.
I had a moment where I sat there and thought, ‘how much do I actually want this? I might want the benefits that the job will offer (money), but do I really want to do what I need to do in order to get that benefit? In other words, do I genuinely want to be a corporate trainer delivering someone else’s material to someone else’s clients, just so that I can get paid extra money?’
Not really.
You see, my biggest value is 'living a life you love'. It’s living a life that you’re not going to regret living if it suddenly got whisked away from you (news flash: one day it will). Would I rather:

- earn LESS money spending 100% of my time focused on doing what I love (coaching)
- or earn MORE money but spending 50% of my time doing something I had no interest in?
Actually neither. I’m going for option 3:
Put ALL of my efforts into earning AS MUCH money as I want, doing something that I love, 100% of the time. I’d rather choose to believe in my goal, believe in myself, and create my life, my business, and my income to be exactly as I want them to be.
So I’ve decided I won’t be going to finish off the course tomorrow, despite getting all this far. I’ve no doubt that my Mum will go bonkers when I tell her, as I think she’s been more worried about my financial security than ME over the last year! I’ve also no doubt that many of you reading this might also think something along the lines of ‘what a waste’, ‘may as well finish it’, ‘just do it for the money’.
But to me, none of that feels authentic. None of that would be living true to my values. None of that is going to make me feel like I’m being the person I want to be, living a life I love.
There are also some of you reading this who are in a similar position. You’re afraid to take a risk. You’re afraid to admit you don’t want something anymore because you’ve had it a while. You’re afraid to follow your heart. You’re afraid to give up money. You’re afraid to defy your parents’. You’re afraid to be who you want to be.
For those of you, this message is for you:
It’s OK to change your mind
It’s OK to take a RISK
It’s OK to ignore your parents’ advice
It’s OK to not just do what everyone else tells you to do

And it's OK to DESIGN and LIVE a life you love.

Aimee TeesdaleComment