How to be at your best throughout the day

In my early adulthood I became seriously interested in my health and fitness and I wanted to know how to lose weight and get into good shape.

So instead of just doing what most people do - go to the gym without much guidance on what to do or why - I researched the most effective way to lose weight.

Of course there were lots of different exercise regimes and funky classes all proclaiming to be THE best option, but one particular idea really stood out for me: 

"You burn more calories in the 23 hours that you're not at the gym, than in the 1 hour that you are."

Therefore the question becomes, how do you optimise calorie burning during those 23 hours?

Well, through muscle growth.

You see, muscle burns more calories than fat does, therefore to optimise calorie burn during those 23 hours, it's best to spend the 1 hour in the gym building muscle.

This is a perfect analogy for how to optimise your life and get better results during your day. 

By using 1 hour in the morning to 'workout' your mindset, you will optimise your performance through the day.

What do I mean by 'workout' your mindset?

Well since working with my coach I've been spending the first hour of my day working on one particular muscle: my mind. I've been training it so think a certain way, so that for the following 23 hours of the day, I perform A LOT better.

During this time I:

  • write a list of everything I am grateful for

  • read all my coaching testimonials and the results I've helped people create

  • read and seek evidence for my declarations about who I am (like affirmations, but better)

  • reflect on my visions from my Love Life Plan

  • notice where I am judging either myself and others, and apply forgiveness

  • practice loving kindness meditation for 10 minutes

The results have been astonishing - I signed several new clients within the space of 4 weeks after starting my days like this (way more than normal), AND I've had several of my clients incorporate something similar into THEIR morning routine, and they all have said the same as me: "I notice a big difference on the days that I don't take this time, I'm not just no-where near as effective!"

How you are throughout the day, and ultimately the results you create in your life, are all determined by the way you think, what you believe, and what you perceive. 

By working on 'themselves' either through their morning routine or during coaching sessions, they have created extraordinary results - like growing their business to 6-figure revenues, quitting jobs, pursuing passions, feeling genuinely more confident and enjoying better, healthier relationships.

Many of us will pay money to join a gym so that we can workout and shape our bodies, isn't it about time you 'worked out' your mindset in order to shape your life?

Aimee TeesdaleComment