Can you really change your beliefs?

Some people question whether it’s really possible to change their beliefs.

To which my answer is: ‘if you believe you can, you will’.

And today I am celebrating my own personal breakthrough that proves, that with the right tools, you can reprogram your mind.

My breakthrough was this:

Creating love and compassion in a circumstance that's always previously caused me anger and hurt.

I recently got featured as an expert in a magazine, so I arranged for a hard copy to be sent to my Mum as a surprise.

She received it, I told her to open it, and I eagerly awaited her reaction.

The response I got was literally this:

They have sent 5 copies of the same book. And they think your first name is ‘Teesdale'"

Six months ago, I would have reacted with hurt and anger, being pissed off, and making her wrong for not just simply saying 'I'm proud of you! Well done!' - which is all I really wanted.

Today, my automatic response was just simply to laugh.

No anger.

No hurt.

Just love.

Why? How?

Well, for the last 6 months, after I wrote this blog: “if you think you are enlightened, go spend a week with your family”, I've been consciously contemplating the following declaration:

'I am that my Mum loves me and is proud of me'.

Almost every morning since, I've been affirming it to myself and consciously reminding myself of the evidence for it.

And today was proof that I've successfully reprogrammed my belief, evidenced by the fact that my automatic response was love and laughter instead of hurt and pain.

This is a prime example of the fact that you CAN reprogram your mind - you just need to believe you can, and know how to do it.

This is exactly what working with me is all about:

Reprogramming your beliefs so that you can create the life, business and relationships you would love.

Which is why my clients describe working with me as “transformational”.

You too can react with laughter, instead of hurt, when your parents don’t give you the praise you’re seeking.

You too can move towards your dreams with motivation and ease, instead of being stuck in fear.

You too can live a life that feels peaceful, joyful and fulfilling, instead of anxious, serious, and unfulfilling.

If you are ready to experience transformation in your life too, simply get in touch.

With love,

Aimee x. X

Aimee Teesdale