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Do you choose your thoughts?

A couple of weeks ago I posted in my free Facebook group a post about the fact that I'd recently "met someone", and that I was feeling quite excited and vulnerable. 

We’d been spending time together and not only did I like him more every time I saw him, he would also tell me he likes me too. 

In typical Aimee fashion, I got carried away in my head. When I like someone I tend to go for it at 100mph and I make it clear that I like them. I don’t believe in playing games or playing hard to get.

Anyway, on Tuesday I saw him again and his mood was different. We started talking and he cut to the point:

“I don’t want a relationship. I’m not ready.”

I was GUTTED. 

I couldn’t believe the sudden change, from telling me he likes me to now this.

'What he’s really saying is he just doesn’t want me'. 

My story was that the guy I like never does. 

I felt like history was repeating itself. I’ve been here before where the guy I loved wouldn’t commit to me, AND I’ve been in role reversal where I was telling someone exactly what he just said to me!

My relationship history just seemed to be a cycle between these 2 phases! And I was gutted that it was about to happen again. 

I spent the next day moping around. I was lost in my head and my old, non-useful stories. I even had a little cry to myself at one point. 

However, after a little while I took action: I decided to read my declarations about who I am.

My declarations are a powerful set of affirmations I’ve created that I consciously embody, focus on and work on believing. I spend time every day, each morning contemplating these declarations and seeking evidence for them in my mind. 

On this particular day, I hadn’t read them yet.

So when I did, straight away I felt A LOT better. Straight away my mindset shifted. I even wondered why I hadn’t read them sooner! Your feelings are determined by what you think - change what you think about, change your feelings!

I stopped listening to my old stories of ‘not good enough’ to my new truth of ‘I am perfect for the man of my dreams’. 

And in doing so I realised something:

At any given moment you have a choice over which set of thoughts you believe: the ones that make you feel like sh*t or the ones that make you feel great.

It doesn’t matter so much whether the thoughts are true or not. What matters is how they make you feel. 


One thing is for sure, I am FAR less less likely to meet the man of my dreams if I believe I’m not good enough! Your beliefs impact your reality, so if you want to create different results, it's best to start here!

If you're willing to invest time into going to the gym to shape your body, why not invest time into shaping your mind and the way you think? 

Those that do are the ones who change their lives. 

Many of us get stuck in habitual thought patterns, but with conscious effort, you CAN change them. 

Invest time and energy into believing thoughts that serve you. 

So you know, this is exactly what I help my clients with - and as a result, they change their lives. I help people to change their habitual thoughts and beliefs, creating new ways of being, and ultimately, create different results in their life. If you want help with doing the same, just hit reply and request a free trial session.

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