How to create the things you want with ease

I recently had a coaching session with a successful, professional client who started working with me because she wants to lose weight, get a promotion, make friends and start a relationship.

Currently, she is finding it impossible to create any of those things.

But having spoken with her in this most recent session, it became apparent to me that these should NOT be her objectives.

Those objectives are actually just outcomes, or by-products, of a deeper objective that is far more important for her to focus on.

Which is?

To develop a loving, kind relationship with herself.

I told her that this will be the number one priority for our work together going forward.

And that subsequently, she will create all of the above with ease.


Because her current mindset is one of self judgement, self criticism, inauthenticity, and at times, self loathing.

Which is basically the equivalent of putting diesel in a machine that is meant to run off solar power.

It is NOT a foundation for health, happiness, or success.

love is to life.png

Interestingly, during our conversation she said: 'I'm quite an angry person', to which I asked her what she was really angry about deep down. Instinctively she replied, 

'That life isn't easier'. 

This comment made me reflect on how I have been feeling ever since I discovered self-love during the mediation retreat I attended in January.

I've noticed that I move through life quite differently now, in fact, I relate to life as though it's just a game. 

It feels fun. Something I enjoy. Something that stretches me to think and improve. But without stress or pressure or seriousness.

Realising this prompted me to look up the definition of the word 'game':

Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 20.21.48.png

The first definition, "an activity that one engages in for amusement or fun", is how I relate to life now that I no longer judge myself and love myself instead. 

The second definition, is also a very fitting definition too. 

However, this is quite a contrast to how my client is currently experiencing life - something hard, not easy, not fun. 

The only thing missing, the only thing that would turn life from being hard to easy, is LOVE. 

Love IS the foundation from which everything flows smoothly. 

Experiencing the feeling of love, whether towards yourself or others, is proven to have a great number of benefits, not just on how you feel, but on your health and your life too. 

Love is a magic ingredient that makes everything work.

Love is a magic ingredient that makes life easy. 

Love is magic. 

Love others.

And more importantly:

Love yourself.

With love, 
Aimee x 

P.S. If you would like help developing a loving relationship with yourself as the foundation to creating a life you love as well, please get in touch.

Aimee Teesdale