If you're scared of failing, read this.

I went to watch my 6-year-old niece perform in an ice-skating show recently, one she’s been practicing for for quite some time.
There were many other children in the show, of all different ages and abilities, and as such, the standard was mixed, and there was, as you can imagine, the odd fall, here or there!
But what happened when those children fell down filled me with great inspiration.
They simply got straight back up and carried on.
No tears.
No stories.
No blame.
No giving up.
No fear of it happening again.
And I thought to myself, how many adults could learn something from these children today?
How many adults get straight back up and carry on after they’ve fallen down in life, without the drama that is usually attached?
Worst of all, how many adults don’t even get on the ice, to avoid any risk at all?
The thing that makes us the most intelligent species on the planet is our imagination, our ability to create meaning. Yet our ability to create meaning can also be the thing that holds us back the most.
Such as, when we make falling over mean something, like, ‘I’m a failure’, ‘People will judge me’, ‘I can’t do that again’.
Instead, we can make falling over mean something else, something more empowering. What if... falling over means I’m succeeding. What if falling over means I’m trying. What if falling over means I’m getting better? 

Falling over IS THE PATH to success.
So as 2018 gets underway, I encourage you, go get on the ice and fall over.

Aimee TeesdaleComment