How I created my move abroad

First of all, my apologies for what has been a fair while since I’ve last been in contact! 

The reason for my temporary absence is because I have recently ticked off a fairly major item on my bucket list: emigrating

Yes, this email comes to you from sunny Spain, my new home! 

It’s something I have always wanted to challenge myself to experience - set up a new life in a new country, and Spain ticks many boxes for me (better weather being the obvious one!!)

BUT the main point of this blog is to share with you HOW I made this happen, and how you too can create anything you want. 

For a while now my coaching has been really looking at how important our language is in shaping our world. And my new favourite mantra at the moment is this: 

Language creates 

To create my move to Spain, I started by speaking it into existence. At the beginning of 2018 I started telling people I wanted to leave the UK. I had no idea when, or how, or where exactly to. But by SPEAKING of it, I created it

Let me share with you other examples of how language has CREATED: 

- New Years Eve 2012. I had recently become single and was at a house party I wasn’t enjoying. I made a promise to myself that although I didn’t know where I’d be the same time next year, it would not be here in the UK in the same old circumstances. NYE 2013 came around, and this time I was stood on the top deck of a cruise ship where I lived and worked. I had transformed my life simply by setting an intention through language. Which by the way, arose as a result of me TELLING a friend that I’d seen a job working on cruise ships (I had no intention of applying) to which she replied: 'I used to work on ships, I can help you apply!' It was her WORDS that got me to actually consider applying, and just 1 week later I was offered the job. The language I used with both myself and that which was shared with my friend created a whole new reality into existence.

Language creates.

- My client who is currently working towards financial freedom through passive income: she reached out to a family friend to ask for his advice about something. Through them connecting and talking, she shared with him her plans to create passive income. That lead him to inviting her to become a board member of some companies resulting in a significant amount of semi-passive income for her. By speaking about her goals, she CREATED them.

Language creates

- A smaller example: this week I reached out to my accountant to ask if he would be happy to use a different online accounting platform than the one we currently have, mainly because I wanted to switch to one that allows me to accept credit card payments. Not only did he say yes, he offered me a premium license at a significantly discounted rate compared to the one I'd get online! By me reaching out and ASKING, I created a better deal. 

Language creates. 

- By me reaching out to my bank this week to complain about not receiving my replacement credit card twice, I CREATED a £50 deposit into my account as an apology. 

Language creates. 

These are all great examples of how using language externally, i.e. speaking with others, CREATES the results that are often better than what we could have hoped for. 

But that’s not the only way language creates. 

Our internal language creates too. 

The conversation we have in our head creates our reality as well. 

It shapes what we do and how we do it, as well as what we don’t do!

Take for example the client, a company director, whose internal language said something like:

‘The amount of money I earn equals the amount of time I put in’

This created a reality where she spent much longer in the office than she actually needed to. 

Or the woman who believes ‘that good looking, successful guy won’t be interested in me!’

This created a reality where she didn't even bother trying to get to know someone she was actually really interested in. 

The entrepreneur who says to herself ‘I’m not good enough to do this’

This created a reality where her sales were nowhere near as good as they could be. 

The person who says to themselves: ‘I’m not successful’

This created a reality where they spend most days unhappy because they don't feel like the person they want to be.

Our internal language matters too. And both my clients and I have seen INCREDIBLE results by changing both the language that we share with other people as well as the language we have going on inside our own minds, for example:

The company director who now only works just 3 hours per week and yet still earns the same, if not more, as well as enjoys a better quality of life. 

The woman who now only dates men she is interested in regardless of how good looking or successful they are 

The entrepreneur who grew her business to 6 figure revenues and doubled the size of her team

The person who now believes they are successful no matter what stage of their journey and therefore enjoys it a whole lot more

Language creates!

Start to notice all the things YOU create in YOUR world through language.

What do you WANT to create in your world?

Whatever they are, start SPEAKING them into existence. SHARE with people what you are up to, SHARE with people what your hopes are, and most importantly, speak to YOURSELF in ways that align with your vision. 

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