If you're in need of a wake up call, this is it.

I was having a quick browse through Facebook a few days ago, when I noticed a post in a group for digital nomads.

It was written by a woman who was feeling miserable living in her home town, and desperately wanted a change. 

She was American, but had dual citizenship, meaning she could move to Europe easily if she wanted. 

She was feeling lost, stuck, a bit helpless, and was asking for some encouragement to make the move. 

The only thing that came to my mind was the thought, "what on earth are you waiting for??!"

I shared with her the link to a really popular blog called Wait But Why - and one specific blog post in particular. 

It's one of my favourite blogs of all time. 

The blog contains the following image.

*WARNING: This image may give you a strong wake-up call and desire to start taking action to change your life*

Here it is:


That's it. 

That's your life, IF you're lucky enough to make it to 90 years of age. 

Many of you may already be a third, or a half of the way through ticking off those little diamonds. 

Some people try to ignore or deny the fact that their time on this earth is finite. 

They think it's depressing or morbid. 

But it's a fact you cannot escape. 

And to me, it's a fact that fuels me with the motivation to create change, to proceed with courage, and to follow my dreams. 

It's a fact that gives me the impetus to make stuff happen, like following my dream of emigrating, or making my business a success so I can do what I love (instead of doing an unfulfilling job just for money). 

Is it time that you woke up to this fact, also? 

Is it time that you took action?

Followed your heart?

Committed to making real changes?

Your time is finite. 

What are YOU waiting for?

With much love, 
Aimee x 

Aimee Teesdale