2 minute video sums up EXACTLY why you're not achieving your goals

I absolutely LOVE helping people to achieve their dreams, create a life they love, and become the people they wish to be.

I am dedicated to doing this for myself, too.

Whilst I may not yet have achieved all my key goals, at just 30 years of age, I've never felt more confident that I am going to achieve them all within the next few years.

And for my clients too.

From massive increases in business revenue, to meeting their dream partner - my clients are all making their dreams come true too.

But HOW have I managed to create this success for both me and my clients?

Well, this 2 minute video sums up one of the foundation principles to the way I see life and the way I coach.

The key take-away:


The experiment was designed to trick the participants' brain into thinking that their hand was in-front of them, when in fact, it was the other side of the screen.

As a result, when the experimenter strokes, punctures or even HITS the fake hand, they actually FEEL IT.

Their belief that their hand was in front of them created the real experience of shrieking with pain.


'How does this apply to me' - I hear you ask?!

The things that we believe manifest themselves to be true because we act according to what we believe.

The participants in the video act accordingly to their belief that their hand is being hit with a hammer.

The same is true for everything.

If you believe you're not going to be successful, you won't be motivated, and you won't become successful.

If you believe you're not good enough, you won't put yourself out there, and you won't create new clients or develop.

If you believe you never have money, you will manage your money in a way that means you will never create wealth.

If you believe you're never going to meet the partner of your dreams, you will make less effort to do so AND give off negative vibes which in turn make you less attractive.

If you believe you're too old to change or learn new things, you won't bother trying.

The list goes on.

Take for example the client who believed that she'd never be able to find a job that ticked all of her boxes.

Within days of me pointing out to her that that was just a STORY, she applied for and accepted an amazing job offer.

The brain automatically filters OUT information which disagrees with our pre-existing beliefs and prefers to SEE things which AGREE with those beliefs, regardless of whether those things are real or not.


I CHOOSE the beliefs I want to believe based on the reality that I want to create, and I set my brain to focus on those so that my brain automatically detects evidence that supports them and ignores evidence that doesn't.

As a result, I start behaving the way I want to behave and creating the results I want in life.

And this is what I get my clients to do too.

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If you want to find out more about how I can help YOU to create the things you really want too, simply contact me to find out more and request a trial session.

With love and magic,

Aimee x

Aimee Teesdale