How to have a super productive day

I’ve just gotten home from a super productive day.

It’s been so productive that I feel really energised from it, to the point that I came home and did more – in the form of writing this blog!

I wanted to share with you what I did to enable this surge of productivity.

Because trust me, it hasn’t been the norm over the last few weeks!

Quite the contrary in fact. Instead of feeling productive, I’ve felt overwhelmed and unproductive.

Like there was too much to do, and I wasn’t getting through it fast enough.

I even considered skipping my morning gym sessions – which if you know me at all, is a really bad sign! I NEVER skip my gym sessions.

So what was the difference between the previous days and today?

I deleted my to-do list.


Yes that’s right. I DELETED IT.

That just sounds so counter-intuitive right?

But it worked.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably an ambitious person.

I’ve got as many as 8 different life projects that I’m committed to working on right now, including: 

-       Building my coaching business and coaching my clients

-       Making new friends in the city I recently moved to

-       Learning a new language

-       Romantic dating

-       Learning and developing in my own personal and spiritual journey, and thus as a coach

-       Getting stronger and leaner

-       Creating more wealth

-       Preparing for my upcoming travels


Amongst all other regular life admin there is to do, too!

And so I fell into the trap, as many of us do, of writing a list of the things I needed to do to create these things.

But the funny thing was, the more I relied on the to – do list, the less I got done.

I’d spend ages looking at it and not know where to start.

Then I’d finally get started on doing something, but the day would soon be over and I’d be left with the feeling of having not done enough.

Which would lead me to look AGAIN at the to-do list, only for the same thing to happen again the next day.

Today I took a different approach.

I just simply sat down and asked myself:

What would I love to create?


To that, I answered with the items listed above. More clients, more money, more friends etc.  

And with each one, I listened to my own intuition to tell me if there was anything urgent that could be done today in order to create it.

For example, with ‘more clients’, my intuition told me to send the invoice to a client who emailed me yesterday to say she wanted to work with me.

With ‘more friends’, my intuition told me that I’ve already quite a bit of social activity planned for each of the coming days, and thus no urgent action was necessary.

From this, I identified 5 or 6 different actions that I wanted to accomplish today, and I just got on and did them without hesitation.

What’s the key difference here?

Well for one, I was trusting my own inner wisdom to tell me what to do.

We all have it, and yet over the course of time we have stopped trusting ourselves. And we try to manually motivate ourselves to do something and then beat ourselves up when we don’t.

You always instinctively know what to do and when to do it.


The second thing was that I was being motivated from a place of ‘what would I LOVE to create?’ instead of ‘what do I NEED to do?’ 

Which made a HUGE difference to me being able to get on and do it!

NEEDING to do something doesn’t create a sense of enthusiasm, does it?

But LOVING to create something, does.

I invite you to give it a try.

Trust yourself.

Listen to your own inner wisdom.

Ask yourself what you’d LOVE to create in your life, and let your instincts guide you on what actions to take today.


And why don’t you share the answer to that with me too – what would you love to create in your life? Let me know and I will do what I can to help you create it!

With love,

Aimee x

Aimee Teesdale