How to overcome fear of rejection

I was working with a client yesterday whose dream it is to finally meet someone to create a relationship and a family with.

She's been single for most of her life and at the start of our journey together her battery life of hope was on 1%. Her confidence and self belief were at ground zero. 

After just 4 sessions, her mindset has shifted dramatically and as a result, her world is starting to change too.

She's getting attention she wasn't getting before.

She's receiving compliments she wasn't receiving before.

And she's started to meet men she might actually be interested in. 

She's changed (and is changing) who she was Being

[So naturally, the world around her changes accordingly.]

Now it was time to change what she was Doing.

I challenged her to invite these guys she'd met out for a drink (obviously not together!), but she felt resistance to the idea.

"What if they say no??" 

She was afraid of rejection. As most of us are! 

It's a natural human thing to want to avoid rejection. 

But it's one that can be overcome. 

Being rejected isn't the problem. 

The problem lies in WHAT WE MAKE REJECTION MEAN. 

I said to her, "What if them saying no is THE ONLY WAY you'll get a YES?"

Getting a no could mean, 'That's great, I'm one step closer!'

be willing to get no.jpg

Anyone who is successful in work or in life may look like they got more Yes's than anyone else, but in truth, they also got more No's than anyone else.

That's WHY they're successful - they didn't let rejection stop them.

If you want to roll a 6, you've GOT to be willing to roll and get 1.

You may get a few 1s and 2s, but by carrying on rolling, you'll get your 6.

And so will she...

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