From financial scarcity to financial abundance in the time it takes to read this blog.

Do you struggle with a feeling of scarcity when it comes to money? Is there usually too much month left at the end of your money? Does it feel like you never have enough? Does it feel like instead of being on a pathway to financial security, you’re actually just on a treadmill?

Oh yep, I know that feeling ALLLLL too well. I came from a working class family in a very working class town. As a kid I watched my Mum stand in the long queue at customer services to get a refund of the 10p she’d been overcharged, and God forbid if you ever through away a toiletry bottle without first cutting it open and using up the dregs. The story of my life was ‘I don’t have money’. Even into my early adulthood I saw this story being played out (that was until I did some major mindset work to banish it and change my reality). The struggle with money is REAL, and it’s something I relate to BIG TIME.

But I digress.

I want you to consider this.

There is $74 trillion worth of money in the world.

There are 7.6 billion people.

And there is only one YOU.

Money isn’t scarce, it’s abundant!

Money is everywhere!

Money is NOT a precious, rare commodity.




The biggest objection I get from people who are interested in working with me (or any other coach for that matter), is ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I don’t have the money’.

In fact, I said the same myself a few weeks ago. I had just got back from 5 weeks travelling through Africa and although I’d still been working on my business whilst I was away, I hadn’t created any new clients. So I said, ‘I can’t afford to get a coach right now’.

That was until I met my new coach. One session with him showed me the route to my dreams, and I said YES (despite the fact that I said ‘I can’t afford it’, and despite the fact he charges over $1000 per hour).

Make yourself the scarce resource and you will have all the financial security you ever need.

That’s exactly why I’ve hired my coach, because it’s an investment into ME that will make me even MORE of a scarce resource.

If you want to achieve your dreams badly enough, if you want to change your life, grow your business, get out of whatever rut you are stuck in so desperately, become financially free or whatever it is you want to do, the MOST important thing you should prioritise investing in is yourself.

After all, if what you want to achieve has already been done by others, then there’s a reason why you haven’t achieved it yet. YOU. How many other things have you tried to do to fix your problem? How’s your strategy working for you so far? YOU are the source of everything in your life, so if you’re getting the same old results, it’s likely because you’re not investing into yourself.

Invest in yourself and your life WILL change. Personally, I’ve accumulated some debt over the years (interest free, thanks Mum) and whilst for the most part I’ve always felt guilty for this, I realised that the debt has been used to invest in myself, my growth, my future, and therefore it’s worth every penny. It’s what has allowed me to create the live of my dreams at a relatively early age. But most people are in debt to things like holidays, cars, clothes…things that DEPRECIATE over time, not things that change your life for the better over the long term.

Money is NOT scarce.



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