If your life isn't the way you want it to be, read this.

I've just got back from a solo trip to Tenerife, where I was enjoying a bit of winter sun and exploring an unfamiliar part of the world, something which I simply love to do. There I was, dancing in the streets at carnivale with a new found Canarian friend, when a woman tells me my bag is open and she helps me, rather generously, to zip it back up. It didn't seem very open to me, but then with her hands on the zip I couldn't really tell. 

Shortly after, I notice my brand new smartphone was missing from the pocket of my shorts. Well, that explains why she was so generous at helping me "zip it up". The classic distraction technique of pick pockets. F***ing b*tch. 

Anyway, when I got back to the UK I posted a Facebook status just to reflect on how the trip went. And what I wrote was not what you might expect of someone who has just had their brand new phone stolen:

All I could think about was everything I was grateful for.

I was grateful to have enjoyed dancing in the streets at carnivale.

To have made friends with a local who showed me the sights.

To have been invited to join my Airbnb hosts to dance salsa.

For the breathtaking trip I took to the top of the Teide volcano to watch the sunset and go stargazing.

For being near the sea.

For soaking up the sun. 

And more importantly, for having a business which is predominantly online so that I can be anywhere in the world and still help my awesome clients to create a life they love, and one that allows me to travel as often as I like and it still be attracting new ones (I received 3 enquiries in the first 2 days of me being away).

I was so content with my life, I didn't care for a moment that my phone was gone. 

Why am I telling you this? It might sound like a massive brag, but that's not the intention. It's because I want to make something very clear to you. Something that I am living, breathing proof of. 

You can design your life to be any way you want it. 


At 21, I didn't believe I could ever go travelling alone, or run a successful business. I was far too shy and full of self doubt for that. What on earth did a naive, working class girl from Walsall know about running a business? How the hell could I travel by myself when I couldn't even say boo to a goose? I don't come from money, I don't come from a family of entrepreneurs, and I've never been abroad with my family because they could never afford it, so the first time I ever flew I was 16 years old, way behind all my friends. 

Yet look where I am now, writing a Facebook status like that. A status which made me realise that part of my dream lifestyle had become reality. All because I chose it that way. Don't get me wrong - it hasn't been easy. I've had to push myself out of my comfort zone and then again some more. It's taken about 5 years for me to get here. But I decided exactly what I wanted for my life, and made it happen. And you can do it too. 

You too can choose what you want your life, your business, your career etc to look like, and you can have it. That business you've been think about? The long lost hobby you're passionate about but pushed to the sidelines? The things you've always wanted to do? There is nothing stopping you. Except for maybe yourself, like I was back then. 



Step 1: choose what you want. Try my unique Love Life Plan that will you help you design your life just like I did mine.

Step 2: make a plan how to achieve it. 

Step 3: take action! And if things don't go according to plan, make like a sat-nav and re-calculate the route.


And if you come across negative beliefs about taking those actions which stop you, then re-write those beliefs. At the end of the day, your beliefs about whether not being good enough are no more real than the beliefs you used to hold about Santa Claus. Yet Santa Claus isn't real (oops, sorry if you hadn't worked that one yet), and guess what, you changed that belief, so you can change the ones that are stopping you now too. Find evidence for the contrary beliefs, the ones that will empower you towards your goal. Be around people who are achieving what you want to achieve. Prove yourself wrong and find solutions to your excuses.


When I realised that I was the only barrier to me living life exactly as I wanted, I got out of my own way. Now I help others do the same. So if you're ready to start living a great life you love, contact me to book a trial session and see how I can help you get there. 


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