Does life feel like an uphill struggle sometimes?

Yep, mine too sometimes. I've been there, wondering 'jeez, when is life just going to give me a break?'
Feeling like life is a struggle.
Feeling like nothing is working.
Or losing hope because nothing is changing.
Sometimes, it just an ongoing dissatisfaction with the way life is.
I get it.
Times like this remind me of when you are on that really awful and scary bit of a rollercoaster, when you are being cranked up at an almost vertical incline and knowing there's nothing you can do to get off. You're trapped. You're helpless. It's slow. It's agonising.
You're stuck.
But guess what comes after that?
The bit where you throw your arms up and shout 'WEEEEEEEEE!' and you get the thrills of the rest of the ride and then step off and say 'OMG that was amazing, let's do it again!'
Well welcome to life.
And the problem with most of us is that we want to experience those thrills, that adrenaline, that happy and fun part of the ride, but without the slow, agonising cranking up to the top.
Which is impossible.
If you didn't have that struggle and tension as you climb, you would not get the excitement and adrenaline of the rest of the ride. It's BECAUSE we experience the tension, that we experience the thrill.

So how about you stop resisting it? How about you embrace the struggle and let it be there? Make space for it. Or how about you convert that energy into the momentum you need to get you to where you want to be, instead of pressing the emergency stop button and trying to escape?
Instead of wasting time wishing you were feeling a different way or ignoring how you are feeling altogether, USE that emotion to figure out what you don't like and thus what you do, then create a plan so that you can get what you DO want.
No matter what path you choose for yourself, it will be a rollercoaster. There will be climbs. Drops. Plateaus. Corkscrews. Twists and turns. And there are parts of it that you will enjoy more than others. But a flat rollercoaster that doesn't do anything other than go from A to B in a straight line, won't be very exciting. It won't be fulfilling. It won't be making the most of the incredible being that you are with all your skills and talents. The greater the climb, the greater the thrill.
So embrace the ride that you are on, and take charge of where it goes.
Why? Because unlike in real theme parks, you don't get to ride this one again.
You've got just one go on this rollercoaster of life, and then that's it. Game over.

Aimee TeesdaleComment