If you don't know what you want in life, read this.

A very close friend of mine is going through a really significant transition period in his life. After more than 15 years of doing the same job, which he started after finishing school, he’s decided that it’s no longer for him. Whilst he’s been successful at it, is highly paid and well respected in his industry, he’s realised that the quality of life that the job affords him, is no longer acceptable to him.
The job entails working nights, all over the country, and often at weekends. So he spends a lot of time travelling, away from home, and sleeping during the day when the rest of the world is awake. He misses out on social activities, spending time with friends and family, and it puts a huge strain on his relationship. And that's not to mention the impact on his health and wellbeing. 
For most of his life, he’s tolerated and accepted this lifestyle. He told himself that it was ok to live this way because of the money he earned. When challenged, he told himself he enjoyed it, but day-to-day, there was no fulfilment in what he did. The problem was that deep down, he was too scared to leave. It was the only thing he’d ever done. He didn’t have any other skills or qualifications. Being a high-school drop-out, he lacked self-belief. And he didn’t have a clue what else he would want to do anyway.
Regardless, he’s taken a very brave step and decided to quit, to give himself the space and time to be able to figure things out. We were talking about it and he shared with me how worried he was – worried he wouldn’t be able to figure out what he wanted to do with his life and end up back at square one.
But later on that evening, we were chatting about music, a shared passion of ours, and I said to him, “what about becoming a DJ?” To which he replied, cynically:
“well yeah of course, if I could make it as a DJ then that would be the dream”.
I turned to him suddenly and exclaimed, “Did you just hear yourself!? You’ve found it! You DO know what you want!”
This happens time and time again. Clients' will say to me that they don’t know what they want, and during the course of the conversation, they will say “what I really want is…”

So whenever I hear someone tell me they don’t know what they want, I challenge them:
Everyone knows what they want. They just don’t believe they can have it.
My friend knew what he wanted, he just didn’t believe in himself to be able to make it, so he threw the idea in the bin like a screwed up piece of paper.
Fortunately though, he has a life coach for a friend! And after a very moving and inspiring conversation with him, he realised that the only thing stopping him from achieving what he wanted was his own thoughts and self-belief. He’s now applying to the London Sound Academy to enrol on a DJing course and has set a goal of playing his first gig by the end of the year. 
So this is for you.

Are YOU that person who’s pretending that they don’t know what they want?

What are you holding yourself back from because you don’t believe you can have it?
Where is your self-doubt getting in the way?
And what would life be like for you if you were able to break-through that? 

With you, 
Aimee x. X

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I can help you reach the results you are looking for, even if you [think] you don't know what you want. How much longer are you going to put things off?

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