"Everyone thinks about changing the world. But no-one thinks about changing themselves."* 

Not my clients. 

My clients are the ones who recognise that what needs to change in their life is themselves. Their mindset. Their beliefs. Their ways of seeing the world. 

And that's where I come in. 

First of all, is this you?

  • You feel like everyone has got their life figured out, but you don’t
  • You've got a big dream or vision, and you're standing in the way of it
  • You feel unable to move forward even though you've been trying for a while
  • You think you are 'not good enough'
  • You're lacking in confidence, self belief or self esteem 
  • You want to start or grow a business, or follow your passion, but don’t know if you can pull it off
  • You’re scared of failing or being rejected
  • You like to ‘escape’… into NetFlix, wine, Instagram… only to find the problems haven’t gone away once you return
  • You’re struggling to let go of the past, of bad experiences, or regret
  • You've worked hard and climbed to the top of the career ladder, only to find, it was the wrong bloody ladder
  • You look at others and think ‘if only I could be more like them…’
  • You wish you were able to do more courageous things
  • You can’t get over your ex, or you’ve just broken up with “the one” and now you don’t have a clue what your own, single life is about
  • You’re stuck, agonising over the ‘right’ decision to make and what to do
  • You’re procrastinating, AND procrastinating over getting a coach
  • You’re bored and tired of mediocre results and playing small
  • You’ve gone through major change, like moved country, changed job, become single (or married!), and you can’t seem to find your feet
  • And although everything looks good on the outside, on the inside you’re struggling

TICK! TICK! TICK! Omg that's SO me...

How do life coaching sessions work?

As your personal coach, I will be giving you a judgement-free, unbiased and confidential space to unpack your messy life, thoughts, emotions, hopes and dreams. I will act as a mirror so you can see why and where you’re stuck. I will be challenging you in the thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve you, so you can create ones that do. I will stand for your greatness and be the one to tell you that you CAN have that life you imagine.

You will get to figure out what you really DO want, and you will have the courage to go for it (even if it scares you). You will eradicate the unhelpful excuses that hold you back, and become equipped with a resilient mindset for the future. YOU will be the one nailing life, by creating a life that YOU design according to YOUR rules, no-one else’s. You will even learn to love the challenges and hardships you faced, because you will see how they made you a BETTER person. You will become present to the beauty and miracle of being alive, develop self-acceptance, and love for who you are.

The only way to understand what my coaching could do for you is to experience it for yourself. Therefore I offer interested potential clients a 2-hour trial session before deciding whether or not they want to invest in my coaching package. 

It's not a sales conversation. It's not a chat. And there's no obligation to continue. It's two hours of pure coaching dedicated to you and whatever you've got going on right now. 

But I don't work with everyone. So first of all let's start a conversation to see if we're right for each other. 

* Quote by Leo Tolstoy

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