Life coaching


I will help you to grow your business by growing you


Are you holding yourself back, not achieving all you could be, and tired of being stuck with mediocre results in your business and your life (after all, they’re the same thing, right?) 

You’ve already overcome the challenges of starting your business, and you wouldn’t change it for the world. Looking back, it seemed relatively easy in comparison to what lies ahead of you.

You badly want to get to the next level, but it seems almost impossible. Not only that, but you’ve realised that the only thing standing in your way of you getting there: is you.  

You’re tired of that inner voice that critiques EVERYTHING you do. 

Your negative thinking weighs you down like a tonne of bricks.  

Your self doubt slows down any action you try to take. 

And whats-more: you’re afraid. Afraid of being rejected. Afraid of failing. 

And afraid you will never really create the business and life you dream of. 

“Looking back over the last year it’s quite incredible how far I’ve come. My original goal was to turnover an extra 6 figures in revenue which has been smashed out of the park. My ROI is now 6,270%!”
— LK, Entrepreneur

You’ve perhaps read the self-help books and made marginal progress. You may have even dabbled in therapy before, and whilst it’s been helpful at making you feel a little better, you’re still not actually moving forward as much as you truly desire.

Believe me, I’ve been there. For years I was held back by the story “I’m not good enough.”

First of all I didn’t think I was good enough to even start a business. Then when I did, I struggled and barely survived for 2 years, because then I didn’t believe I was good enough to get to the next level. 

Thousands spent on business coaches and marketing courses barely made any difference.

Until one day I realised that the most important thing I should be investing in, is myself.

The moment I decided to invest both time and money into my own personal growth, my business finally took off. Up until then I’d always been “too busy” to work on myself, after all, I had emails to respond to, things “I had to do”, and “more important” things to be spending my money on. 

 Oh how wrong I was.

“I’ve been receiving coaching and therapy for a long time but this was really amazing. Who knew that all I needed was 49 minutes with Aimee!”
— Candice, Management


All of your results come from who you are being and what you believe

Over the course of my life I’ve invested over £20,000 into my own personal growth and development, so that I could master the art of re-inventing myself: becoming the person I needed to be in order to have the life and business I so badly wanted. 

And I’ve gotten pretty good at it, too. 

I’ve achieved things I used to think were impossible, from ‘never having money’ to earning 5-figures a month, from being too nervous to travel alone to becoming location independent and living abroad, and from being too shy to talk to strangers to speaking on stage in front of 100 people. 

But HOW?

First of all, by realising that I am 100% responsible for my life, my actions, and my mindset. 

Your mindset is your habitual way of thinking, created as a result of all your past experiences. It’s the lens through which you see the world.

It’s the reason why you are where you are currently at in your life and business.

And it’s the reason why you’re not already where you would really love to be.

The problem is, it’s very difficult to see your own mindset until someone points it out to you, because to you, that’s just the way life is.

Which is exactly what I will do during our coaching sessions: uncover your attitude, perspective, beliefs, thoughts, fears, and insecurities that keep you stuck.

I will help you to learn things about yourself that right now, you don’t even know are there, and yet, hold you back from where you want to be.

I will help you to give up your old beliefs, see NEW perspectives, and create new ways of thinking that will automatically spur the actions that create the results you want.

I've spent over 10 years' of my life studying psychology, personal development, coaching and self-help, both personally and professionally, so my work draws from a wide range of teachings and methodologies.

But above all, it's the implementation of all this in to my own life and business that makes me highly effective at what I do.

I am constantly doing deep inner work, creating myself to be who I want to be, and figuring out how to create the results I want in life, so that I can help my clients do the same.

The result? Nearly everyone who works with me says the same thing:

“I’ve achieved things that I never thought possible.”

“Things that seemed difficult or impossible before I started working with Aimee are now realities.”
— Liz, Writer