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Life coaching

Coaching with me isn't about simply goal-setting.

It's about mindset, meaning, "habits of mind formed by previous experience." 

By working at a deeper level and shining the light on your blindspots, you will finally get unstuck and start creating the changes and results you really desire.

Outcomes seen by previous clients:

  • Increased business revenue

  • Job promotion and higher salary

  • Increased confidence

  • More time spent pursuing creative passions

  • Greater fulfilment

  • Less procrastination, more action

  • Winning awards

  • More outgoing and sociable

  • Letting go of past negative experiences

  • More at ease with oneself

  • Courageous actions such as quitting 9 to 5, working freelance, or starting a business

  • Reduced anxiety and emotional stability

  • Better handling of criticism, rejection and failure

  • Happier in romantic relationships

  • Improved finances

  • Better health and fitness

  • More and better friendships

  • Freedom from the expectations of others

You've got hopes, dreams, ambitions. Things you want to do, places you want to see, people you want to meet, and an idea of how you want your life to be. But you're stuck, personally, professionally, or both. 

You feel lost. Paralysed by options. You know things need to change but you don’t even know where to start. And more importantly, you know that what needs to change is you.

You’ve realised that the only thing standing in your way is yourself. Your lack of confidence. Your self-doubt. Your lack of action. Your anxiety around others. Your comparisonitis. Your fear of not succeeding. Your fear of lack of security. Your fear of the judgement of other people. Lack of discipline. Your fear of not being good enough.

You’ve read the self-help books and made marginal progress. You may have even dabbled in therapy before, and whilst it’s been helpful at making you feel a little better, you’re still not actually moving forward as much as you truly desire.

Above all, you’re tired. Enough is enough

“Looking back over the last year it’s quite incredible how far I’ve come. I started the coaching for business purposes, but it has had an incredibly positive impact on my personal life as well. I’m feeling much more confident and at ease with myself, and have seen great success in business. My original goal was to turnover an extra 6 figures in revenue, which has been smashed out of the park. I have won business that I wouldn’t have originally even had the confidence to pitch for before Aimee’s help. My ROI is now 6,270%!”
— LK, Entrepreneur

I coach with a firm understanding that to create different results in your life, you need to take different actions, and in order to take different actions, you need to think, feel and believe differently to the way you do now.

Therefore, during our coaching sessions, we will look at your attitude, perspective, beliefs, thoughts, fears, and insecurities that predetermine your responses, and thus, predetermine your results. 

I will challenge you to see new perspectives, give up old beliefs, and create new ways of thinking that will be aligned with the results you want. I will help you to become the person you want and need to be, so that you can do the things you want to do, and have the things you want to have. 

Whether you want to grow or start a business, pursue a passion or a more meaningful career, feel more confident, content and capable, or just generally move on from the past into a life you love, it all starts with you. Working with me is an investment into that.  


I've invested over £20,000 and 10 years' of my life into studying psychology, personal development, coaching and self-help, both personally and professionally, so my work draws from a wide range of teachings and methodologies.

But above all, it's the implementation of all this in to my own life that makes me highly effective at what I do.

The result? Nearly everyone who works with me says the same thing:

“I’ve achieved things that I never thought possible”.

Typically, clients work with me for either 4 or 8 months, with sessions every 2 weeks and on-hand support in-between. 

You will be guided through a process of uninstalling your old, habitual thought patterns and creating new ways of thinking and being.

And, we will tackle any mental obstacles that keep you stuck where you’re at.

Consequently, you will start to create the results you want to create in your life.

The investment ranges between £1600 to £7000, and can either be paid in full or in instalments.

Credit cards can be accepted upon request subject to a 1.5% handling fee (3% for non-European cards).

I'm based between London, UK and Madrid, Spain. 

My clients come from across the world, and all sessions are via online video call. 

If you are interested in private coaching, you can request a fee-waived 90-minute trial coaching session by using the contact form below. 

There's no hard sell, just a powerful coaching conversation where I will do my best to make a difference to your life.

If I think we are not suitable for working together, I will tell you.

Alternatively, you can apply to join CRE8 - my group coaching program worth over £16,000, available for as little as just £1600.

“Things that seemed difficult or impossible before I started working with Aimee are now realities.”
— Liz, Writer

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“Aimee - I learnt more about myself in just one session with you than I did from 6 sessions with a psychoanalyst some years ago - thank you.”
— GA - Project Manager