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Coaching with me isn't about accountability or goal-setting. It's about mindset, meaning, "habits of mind formed by previous experience." 

Together we will look at your attitude, perspective, beliefs, thoughts, fears, and insecurities that predetermine your responses, and thus, predetermine your results. 

The problem is that it's very hard to see your own mindset, which is why you're tired of trying so many things but getting the same old, unsatisfactory results. It's also why my clients report massive shifts in their life after working with me, because our sessions help them to learn about their own mindset. It's only through becoming aware of our mindset, that we are then able to change our mindset.  

That's exactly what coaching with me will help you to do. 

Whether you want to grow or start a business, pursue a passion or a more meaningful career, feel more confident, content and capable, or just generally move on from the past into a life you love, it all starts with you. Working with me is an investment into that.  

Outcomes seen by previous clients:

  • Increased business revenue
  • Job promotion and higher salary
  • Increased confidence
  • More time spent pursuing creative passions
  • Greater fulfilment
  • Less procrastination, more action
  • Winning awards
  • Become more outgoing
  • Letting go of past negative experiences
  • More at ease with oneself
  • Courage to go for what you really want, and to take bold steps such as quitting 9 to 5, working freelance, or starting a business
  • Reduced anxiety and more emotional stability
  • Better handling of criticism, rejection and failure
  • Happier in romantic relationships
  • Improved finances
  • Better health and fitness
  • More and better friendships
  • Freedom from the expectations of others

I've invested over £20,000 and 10 years' of my life into studying psychology, personal development, coaching and self-help, so my work draws from a wide range of teachings and methodologies.

But above all, it's the implementation of all this in to my own life that makes me highly effective at what I do.

The result? Nearly everyone who works with me says the same thing:

“I’ve achieved things that I never thought possible”.


Whilst there can be no guarantee of outcomes, it is highly likely that through your full commitment to the coaching, you will achieve whatever you want to achieve, and more. 

Read the testimonials for yourself.

I typically work with my clients fortnightly, over a 6 month period via video call, although we can work out a timeframe that suits you best. 

If you’re interested, contact me to tell me why you think you’re the right fit for what I do. We can talk about it first, after that I may invite you to a trial session where I will do my best to serve you. After that we can decide whether or not to continue.