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Create your.SELF - confidence coaching

6-week group-coaching course

Is your low confidence, low self-esteem and self-doubt holding you back from achieving all that you could be?

Are you tired of reading all the self-help books there are and still struggling to move forward?

I know it might not seem like it, but building confidence is surprisingly simple.


By most people’s standards, you’ve already enjoyed some successes in life. You’ve managed to leave home and become an independent woman, you’ve done well in your career or maybe even launched a business, and you’ve got a group of nice peeps you can call friends.


And yet still, you know deep down that you’re not achieving all you could be.

  • You’ve started a business or got a decent career but you’re not achieving all you could be professionally because you don’t believe in yourself

  • On the outside things seem fine, but on the inside you’re plagued with insecurity and self-doubt

  • Checking Instagram makes you feel Insta-Crap

  • You’ve tried ‘positive thinking’ and affirmations and only ended up feeling worse about yourself

  • Don’t even get me STARTED about networking events (even the mere thought of them fill you with dread)

  • You’d love to grow a business or pursue something that’s more meaningful to you, but you’re not confident enough in your own skills to actually do it

To make matters worse, everyone else around you seems to be getting ahead whilst you’re stuck, wasting your potential, and not a clue how to change.

You know that the only thing stopping you is yourself.

You know that with the right support, things can be different.

And you know that enough is enough of this self-sabotage and mediocre success.

I know that you’ve tried things in the past to help you overcome your low confidence and now you’re nervous about spending more money on ‘quick fixes’ that don’t last.

I know you’ve tried ‘positive thinking’ and it ended up having the opposite effect. But trust me, there is a way you can overcome this, provided you are willing to follow the steps and put the work in.


Believe me, I know what it’s like to not believe in yourself. To constantly live with a story of ‘I’m not good enough” that follows you like a shadow. At school I was so low in confidence that my Mum took me to see a hypnotherapist and I started to listening to confidence tapes. And yet still, when I moved to London after graduating from uni, I was so crap at talking to strangers I used to tell my globe-trotting friends ‘I could never travel by myself’. I used to hate networking events to the point I’d leave within 30 minutes of arriving – if I ever made it there at all. And the idea of me running my own business? PAH! NO CHANCE!


Until one day I decided enough was enough of being the girl that said “I can’t”. It was time to start saying “I did”. I put my heart and soul into learning how to truly become the confident person I wanted to be, and that’s why I created this course – to share with you how I did it.

Look, I said at the beginning of all this that building confidence is surprisingly simple. And it is, but it takes conscious effort. Confidence is nothing more than a feeling, and all of our feelings come from thoughts and beliefs.  

So the simple way to feel confident? Change your beliefs. THAT’S where the conscious effort is needed, because you’ve got however-many-decades of experiences that have shaped your beliefs and negative ideas about yourself and NO-ONE has ever taught you how to deal with it.


over the course of 6 WEEKs, we will start re-writing those thoughts and beliefs

Think of it like uninstalling the old software program in your mind, and downloading new software.


By ‘re-installing your mindset’ you will:

  • Become more successful in your professional life as you replace old negative beliefs with positive, empowering statements which you actually believe are true

  • Feel more secure, stable, and sure in yourself as you literally start to think differently and start to notice positive things that you’ve never paid attention to before

  • Feel less bothered by what others are up to since you will be making progress in your own life

  • Be able to attend networking events with ease and not be anxious around others as any previous thoughts you had about these situations will start to melt away

  • Start taking actions that are aligned with what you would really LOVE to be doing with your life as you will start to know yourself as someone who IS capable and who IS good enough

The coaching has been remarkable. I am in a much better place now, my ability to manage my thoughts and emotions is a way better than when we started, and I do not label myself as being socially anxious anymore. I’ve since quit my job and am embarking on my first business venture on a project close to my heart.
— AG, Project Manager

Create yourSELF - confidence coaching course

A 6-week online group coaching course where you will be guided through a process of letting go of old, negative judgements about yourself and replacing them with new, helpful statements which you will consciously create as your new truth.

This is SO much more than just beating yourself over the head with false affirmations. Nor is it something that you do just for 6 weeks and by the end expect to be magically transformed and not require anything further. This is an introduction to a process which is to be practiced daily for ultimate results. 


  • 4 x 60-minute group coaching video-calls where I introduce and explain the week’s work to be done, get you started and answer any questions you may have

  • Weekly assignments that are to be done in your own personal time so you can do the work in complete privacy allowing you to be truly honest about what your inner voice often says to you

  • Recorded calls so that you can replay the assignments and catch-up in case you aren’t able to attend a session

  • PLUS: 1 x one-to-one coaching session with me (via video call) so you can get some private, personal attention to iron out any nagging beliefs you might be struggling to let get of (£300 value in itself!)

This sounds amazing! How much does it cost?


What happens when I apply?

All applications will be assessed for suitability and contacted via email with the dates of the next course and details on how to make payment.


Looking back over the last year it’s quite incredible how far I’ve come. I started the coaching for business purposes, but it has had an incredibly positive impact on my personal life as well. I’m feeling much more confident and at ease with myself, and have seen great success in business. My original goal was to turnover an extra 6 figures in revenue, which has been smashed out of the park. I have won business that I wouldn’t have originally even had the confidence to pitch for before Aimee’s help. By session 4 I was seeing an ROI of 2,000%. By the end of our 9 session, ROI is now 6,270%!
— LK, Entrepreneur


How does the course work?

You will be expected to attend the live group call each week. If you cannot, you can watch the recording. HOWEVER THIS IS NOT ENOUGH. You MUST commit to doing the work that you are set each week in order to see results. It is recommended that you spend approximately 1 hour per day for a minimum of 4 days per week completing the work. As mentioned, this is a process of reinstalling the way you think, so it requires conscious repeated effort. You’ve got years of experience, beliefs and evidence to undo, and that cannot be done by just showing up to the call!


is this course for me?

I would recommend this course for anyone who is simply just looking to work on building up their confidence levels but not necessarily looking to make any major life changes. You're not feeling particularly 'stuck' but you know that you could be achieving more. If you are feeling particularly stuck and am hoping to embark on some major changes in your life, and/or your confidence issues are very extreme, I would recommend my private coaching package


What time will the group calls be??

Thursdays at 8pm UK time. Please add your name to the waiting list if you want to be notified of the next course to start. 


How many people will be in the group??

No more than 10 people will be in the group coaching call.


Is it just for women?

No, men can join in too. 


How is this different to the coaching / therapy I’ve done before?

If you want to create different results in life, you have to take different actions. If you want to take different actions, you have to feel differently. If you want to feel differently, you have to think differently. This course guides you through a process of uninstalling your old, limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself and replacing them with new, empowering ones. It requires daily work that you mostly do by yourself with the support of me and the group. 


What is your cancellation policy?

Once the course has started, I do not, under any circumstances, offer refunds, even if you choose to terminate the process for any reason. The reason for this is simple: it greatly enhances your commitment to the course and commitment to your results. 


Are there any guarantees?

Unfortunately there are no guarantees in life, because as the old saying goes, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. The results of the course will ultimately fall on you to be honest, vulnerable, coachable, willing and committed to doing the work. If you show up in this way, you will see the results. To see more of some of the results some of my other clients have created, please visit the testimonials page. 


When I started working with Aimee I was feeling lost personally and professionally. I felt like I didn’t have a purpose. Everything I thought I liked or disliked was based on someone else’s opinion rather than my own. I am more confident, resistant to negative feedback or criticism, and more courageous - meaning I can stand up for myself more and handle difficult situations much better. Aimee helped me to see a different perspective on situations and helped me to think long term. As a result my business is finally taking off - I’m sooo excited!
— KB, Entrepreneur
Before the coaching a lack of confidence was holding me back in a lot of ways. I’ve now got my freelancing up and running, and I’ve seen my creative work take huge steps forward to the point where I’ve made real progress on creative projects that I thought I would never do. Above all, I feel a lot more confident and proactive, and really on my way.

Things that seemed difficult or impossible before I started coaching are now realities.
— EM, Writer
Having just turned 32, ended a turbulent 11 year relationship, drastically changed my living situation and embarked on a daunting new career challenge that I didn’t feel able to take on, I found myself in what felt like a really dark place. Yet I was blown away by how Aimee was immediately able to grasp how I was feeling, even though I could barely articulate it myself. The coaching has since helped me develop the self-confidence to take control over my life path and I am truly excited about my future. I’ve become healthier, lost weight, and have become an outgoing person, now comfortably initiating conversation with strangers - something that used to terrify me. Thanks to Aimee’s support, I have also been offered a promotion that in the beginning, I didn’t even think was possible.
— AB, Marketing Manager
Before working with Aimee I was in a job I felt wasn’t right for me anymore and embarking on a difficult transition. Thanks to the life coaching, I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve. I left my job and working part-time now in exactly the area I wanted to work in plus setting up my own business. I think my biggest learning is that if you can feel something in your heart there is a way to get there and you only need to commit to taking the steps to remove your mental barriers. It was truly amazing. I would recommend Aimee to anybody.
— HK, Sales consultant now entrepreneur
Before the coaching I was in a bad place. I felt I was crap with relationships, that there was something wrong with me that needed fixing. My emotions and sense of self-worth were at the whim of other people’s emotions and behaviour and I was struggling to stay emotionally stable. Since working with Aimee I’ve become much more emotionally stable, I’ve opened up a new network of friends, and I’ve started to follow my dream of becoming freelance.

Over the years, I’ve had CBT, hypnotherapy and life coaching before, and I can say that working with Aimee has been amazing!
— SM, Therapist