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“The coaching has helped me to land 6 figures in extra revenue in my business. I know I wouldn’t have been able to do that if it were not for this.”
— LK, Entrepreneur
“I was well and truly ‘stuck’ when I first contacted Aimee. I was at a crossroads, where my 20 + years running my family business was not secure and I was feeling that I wanted ‘something’ else that was more of what I wanted to do, but I was not sure what that ‘something’ was, or how to move forward, and I was scared! After 6 months of working with Aimee, I smashed my ‘ceiling’ of what I wanted to achieve. Once my beliefs and language changed, my whole life changed - work, relationships and just about everything in my life. I was able to see what it was that I really wanted and feel more confident about moving towards my goals. I realised that I am the one who creates what happens in my life. It was brilliant”
— LI, Business Owner & Mum
“I wasn’t expecting the shift to be so soon. You really are changing me for the better. I always feel so energised after speaking with you!”
— Amy, Business Owner
“The coaching with Aimee has helped me take responsibility for my life and happiness, and understanding of myself and others to a deeper level. Grieving my Dad’s death and seeing it as something positive in my life was the biggest breakthrough. It is definitely the best investment I have made in my life. “
— Juliette, professional dancer
“I am more confident now, resistant to negative feedback or criticism, and more courageous - meaning I can stand up for myself more and handle difficult situations much better. Also as a young entrepreneur I had an issue of being impatient - Aimee helped me to see a different perspective on situations and helped me to think long term. As a result my business is finally taking off - I’m sooo excited!”
— KB, Entrepreneur
“The coaching has been remarkable. It helped me to go through a painful breakup and a career change, which would have been so more difficult to go through alone. I am in a much better place now, my ability to manage my thoughts and emotions is a way better than when we started, and I do not label myself as being socially anxious anymore. I now have more clarity and I feel free to do what my intuition suggests. And that is very liberating!”
— AG, Consultant
“Before the coaching a lack of confidence was holding me back in a lot of ways. I’ve now got my freelancing up and running, and I’ve seen my creative work take huge steps forward to the point where I’ve made real progress on creative projects that I thought I would never do. Above all, I feel a lot more confident and proactive, and really on my way. “
— EM, Writer
“Today, I am thriving with the self-confidence that coaching has helped me develop within myself. My self-awareness and ability to better recognise and understand how I think and feel in different situations has helped me deal with what I thought was uncontrollable anxiety. I’ve even developed into someone who not only believes in herself, but is also a cheerleader for herself, and I am truly excited about my future. I’ve become healthier, lost weight, and have become an outgoing person, now comfortably initiating conversation with strangers - something that used to terrify me. Thanks to Aimee’s support, I have also been offered a promotion that in the beginning, I didn’t even think was possible.”
— AB, Marketing Manager
“Before working with Aimee I was in a job I felt wasn’t right for me anymore and embarking on a difficult transition. Thanks to the life coaching, I have achieved everything I wanted to achieve. I left my job and working part-time now in exactly the area I wanted to work in plus setting up my own business. I think my biggest learning is that if you can feel something in your heart there is a way to get there and you only need to commit to taking the steps to remove your mental barriers. It was truly amazing.”
— HK, Entrepeneur
“Before the coaching I was in a bad place. I felt I was crap with relationships, that there was something wrong with me that needed fixing. My emotions and sense of self-worth were at the whim of other people’s emotions and behaviour and I was struggling to stay emotionally stable. Since working with Aimee I’ve become much more emotionally stable. I’ve opened up a new network of friends and I relate to my thoughts differently. As a result I trust myself and my own decisions and this has enabled me to take on new, exciting adventures as well as enjoy a new relationship.”
— SM, Therapist
“Aimee - I learnt more about myself in just one session with you than I did from 6 sessions with a psychoanalyst some years ago - thank you.”
— GA, Project Manager
“The impact that Aimee’s coaching has had is remarkable. It has strengthened my self-esteem and confidence and given me a step-by-step approach to achieving my goals, both career-wise and in my personal life. In my busy life I was set in my thoughts about myself, but by working with Aimee I have started to achieve so much more.”
— EH, Executive assistant and single mum
“Aimee has made me realise if there’s anything you’re not 100% happy with, you have the power to change it. Prior to coaching, I was directionless, less confident and anxious. I’m no longer single, my health, finances and my career have never been better, and I am now more in control of my life and more confident as a result.”
— SM, Advertising Executive
“Life coaching with Aimee has given me a framework to identify, analyse, question, plan and execute things in my life. Before, I was experiencing confusion, indecisiveness, disorganisation and frustration. Now, I’m moving towards all of my goals, both business and personal, it’s improved the quality of my relationships, and pushed me to take decisions that were hard to make.”
— AP, IT Contractor
“I found Aimee’s coaching to be superb. She helped me evaluate my current situation in life, my goals and ambitions. The experience aided myself in discovering what change I needed to implement to make myself successful, and it enabled me to change my old habits when previously I’d been unable to do this for myself. Truly invaluable.”
— AW, Entrepreneur
“I was little apprehensive about life coaching, however, I decided to keep open mind - best decision I have ever made. I can admit one thing, I am a different person now compared to when I initially started my sessions with Aimee, and the impact it has had on my business and personal life is priceless.”
— RS, IT Consultant

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