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Are you not achieving all you could be, and tired of being stuck?

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I coach business owners and entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists, and creative individuals who want to live life on their own terms.

I coach people who are ambitious but dissatisfied, intelligent but stuck, and those who are getting in their own way of having the business and life they’d love.

I coach those who want to follow their hearts, do something meaningful to themselves, and not settle for average, ordinary, or mediocre.

My clients hire me because they want a coach with a no bulls**t approach.

A coach that isn’t just going to ask them questions and hope they ‘find the answer within themselves’ - rather, a coach that’s going to say the things they need to hear and that no-one else dares to ask or tell them.

My clients want to be shown the things they cannot see for themselves. They want to have their ways of thinking exposed, challenged and replaced.

A coach that can relate to everything they’ve experienced, and who’s done the work to overcome it, in order to show the way.

Most of all, my clients are willing to invest time, money, and effort into their own personal growth, because they know it’s going to enable them to create the life and business they’d love.

“That’s the word on my mind after that session - transformational.”
— Lucy, Entrepreneur